Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E3Live w/ Brain-On Testimonial - Day 16-19

Hello Reader(s);

Back again to report on the last few days of using E3Live with BrainOn - Days 16-19.

I had to cut back the dosage on Day 19 because I felt it was starting to effect my sleep. I was taking it three times a day. Now, I am back to 2x day. I dose in the morning and then around 2pm in the afternoon. This is good.

Things of note:
-No cravings for sugars or sweets.
-Ability to get a single task done to completion. The focus does not feel artificial--it just feels natural.
-I had minor detoxing on Day 19 - getting tired, but overall the detoxing symptoms have been minimum. I allow myself to rest when this occurs.
-Waking in the morning is always simple. I don't ever feel groggy in the morning. It's quite nice! :)

I like taking the frozen liquid form because it makes me feel like I am drinking a green juice. Assimilation is better. I feel somewhat full almost immediately after I drink it.

If, you are reading this and you are an E3Live user, I would love to hear any cool experiences you have had with the product or other products.

Thanks and Love,

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