Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E3Live w/ BrainOn Testimonial - Day 23-30

Hello Reader(s);

Wow, sorry I have been away for so long. So I am here to report on my experiences with E3Live Brain On. This will probably be my last post on this subject.

So, I've been taking E3Live for 30 days plus. I am comfortably getting through 1 bottle in 2.5 weeks time. It has become a regular part of my diet and part of my routine. Once in the morning and once at lunch time. I don't even think about it really.
The WOW benefits have also become apart of my life too. Mental clarity is always present, I don't fall asleep in class anymore (I used to have a big problem with this) or get really sleepy in the middle - even a two hour class. I don't get bored either. This is aided by the fact that I love the MUSIC classes that I am taking. Interest goes a long, long way.

I don't have anything new to report on as far as effects go. It's all covered in my previous posts.

Recently, I started taking New Chapter's: Stress Advantage capsules. These are great. Has awesome herbs (many that David Wolfe recommends: Astragalus, eleuthero and other adaptogens. This product has given me the extra boost I needed mainly due to the fact that it is supporting my adrenals (which were ill to begin with). They are getting better now obviously. :)

I have also JUST started juicing. I got my CHAMPION juicer in the mail the other day. It works like a champion.

You see, E3Live definitely helped me get on the road to better living. Since I have started taking it I have begun new health improvement routines to my life. I love E3Live and will continue to take it forever more. I know you will be happy if you do the same.