Wednesday, October 7, 2009

E3Live w/ BrainOn Testimonial - Day 23-30

Hello Reader(s);

Wow, sorry I have been away for so long. So I am here to report on my experiences with E3Live Brain On. This will probably be my last post on this subject.

So, I've been taking E3Live for 30 days plus. I am comfortably getting through 1 bottle in 2.5 weeks time. It has become a regular part of my diet and part of my routine. Once in the morning and once at lunch time. I don't even think about it really.
The WOW benefits have also become apart of my life too. Mental clarity is always present, I don't fall asleep in class anymore (I used to have a big problem with this) or get really sleepy in the middle - even a two hour class. I don't get bored either. This is aided by the fact that I love the MUSIC classes that I am taking. Interest goes a long, long way.

I don't have anything new to report on as far as effects go. It's all covered in my previous posts.

Recently, I started taking New Chapter's: Stress Advantage capsules. These are great. Has awesome herbs (many that David Wolfe recommends: Astragalus, eleuthero and other adaptogens. This product has given me the extra boost I needed mainly due to the fact that it is supporting my adrenals (which were ill to begin with). They are getting better now obviously. :)

I have also JUST started juicing. I got my CHAMPION juicer in the mail the other day. It works like a champion.

You see, E3Live definitely helped me get on the road to better living. Since I have started taking it I have begun new health improvement routines to my life. I love E3Live and will continue to take it forever more. I know you will be happy if you do the same.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

E3Live w/ BrainOn Testimonial - Day 20-22

Dear Reader(s);

Here I am again, to report on my E3Live (BrainOn) experience. Again, these accounts are all anecdotal and not based on scientific studies. But they're still valid accounts! :p

So, if you haven't read any previous blogs, I am 28 years old and I have gone back to college. I am following my heart's desire to become a musician (singer plus more). I am surrounded by 18-22 years old constantly. This has definitely been the ultimate test for my ego! I am really learning to love myself for who I am! :o Anyways...

So, the last three days have been really good. My focus and energy levels have been consistent with maybe one lull during the day. The lulls are getting milder and milder.

Cool thing: I find myself, now, naturally wanting to move back to my raw-food diet and possibly wanting to do a fast! I may still continue to eat one egg a meal or some raw fish because my adrenals are a bit weaker than most, but hopefully this will come to pass. But my point is, I feel that my body deficiencies are beginning to right themselves and my body now is developing a more refined taste. It wants more QUALITY food and also my desire for QUANTITY is also getting more tame. This is very cool and definitely a new development.

Okay, that is all I have for now.

If you have any questions or comments, I am here.

With lotsa love,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E3Live w/ Brain-On Testimonial - Day 16-19

Hello Reader(s);

Back again to report on the last few days of using E3Live with BrainOn - Days 16-19.

I had to cut back the dosage on Day 19 because I felt it was starting to effect my sleep. I was taking it three times a day. Now, I am back to 2x day. I dose in the morning and then around 2pm in the afternoon. This is good.

Things of note:
-No cravings for sugars or sweets.
-Ability to get a single task done to completion. The focus does not feel artificial--it just feels natural.
-I had minor detoxing on Day 19 - getting tired, but overall the detoxing symptoms have been minimum. I allow myself to rest when this occurs.
-Waking in the morning is always simple. I don't ever feel groggy in the morning. It's quite nice! :)

I like taking the frozen liquid form because it makes me feel like I am drinking a green juice. Assimilation is better. I feel somewhat full almost immediately after I drink it.

If, you are reading this and you are an E3Live user, I would love to hear any cool experiences you have had with the product or other products.

Thanks and Love,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

E3Live w/ Brain-On Testimonial - Day 11-15

Dear Reader(s):

Hello. I am here to report on the last 5 days of activity with E3Live and E3Live Brain-On. I also wanted to tell you that I started the Brain-On E3Live Frozen on day 10.

The detox symptoms are almost completely gone. Every now and again I will notice some minor discomfort or malaise, but nothing disruptive to normal everyday functions.

I am still finding that I am rather effortlessly getting more things done. Granted a small amount of planning needs to go into getting things done but nevertheless it is getting done. Perhaps I could say that the E3 is helping me do the planning as well. I do want to say that am a planner by nature and I like seeing what needs to get done before I do it. I like to see a day at a gives me peace of mind. I would like to add that getting things done is a skill and art in itself and can be learned. :)

I would like to talk about food cravings, now. I have been on a close-to-raw food diet. The only cooked foods I eat now are eggs, hummus and some roasted nuts (if I can't find good raw). So, no gluten, dairy or sugar. I am eating more healthy than most for sure. :) But I do recall that I used to get mild cravings for carbs and sometimes chocolate. Since I have been steadily taking E3Live for the past 2 weeks, I really haven't had any cravings for sugar or chocolate, at all. I even have an awesome raw, mint chocolate bar in my cupboard but I haven't even wanted to touch it. Thought that this was worth mentioning.

Now, I shall talk about the Brain-On formula of E3Live (the frozen liquid version). I like it better than the original formula. That's just being straight to the point. I was hemming-and-hawing over trying it, for about a month. I read a few testimonials that said they got a little anxious or edgy from taking the Brain-On version. I have not experienced this. I actually experienced it when I first started taking the regular E3. My anecdotal conclusion is that it might just be detox symptoms and not the actual effect from the Brain-On. However, everyone's body chemistry is very unique, so you never know. Maybe, you need to wade out the reaction for a few days and see if it passes. If it does more benefits may await you on the other side.

The main thing that got ME over the hemming-and-hawing stage was speaking to all the helpful representatives of the E3Live company. I spoke to no less than four different reps (all over a one month period). Everytime I called, I would ask the rep if they tried the Brain-On formula. One for one, each of them were currently USING the Brain-On formula. And they all said they weren't planning on switching to the original formula. Also, they all said that they noticed a marked difference in their task execution and performance and mental clarity from the Brain-On. After the fourth rep saying that, I had made up my mind. No more hemming-and-hawing for me. I said, "Okay, I want to get it!". :)

I have been taking the Brain-On for two days now. I REALLY like it. No jitters. Definite mental there anything better than this? Mental clarity is the basis of all activity. It does not feel artificial at all. It bewilders me sometimes that this products is just algae and it's completely natural.

I am still dosing 3 times a day; I dose around 8a, 12pm and 3 or 4pm. A few days back I had to cut back my dose because I thought the original formula was disrupting my sleep. But it turns out I was just needing calcium and magnesium. I have been drinking a calmag (with apple cider vinegar) tonic every NIGHT (this is key-doesn't have some results on sleep if taken during the day) and now I am getting restful sleep. I went a whole week with getting half-deep sleep. It was a little upsetting, but taking the E3Live actually kept me energized and focused throughout the day in spite of the poor sleep. I did have to rest mid day.

All right, that is that for now. If anyone has any questions for me I am always here. You can e-mail me at or post a comment on this blog.

Hope all is well.


Monday, September 7, 2009

E3Live Testimonial - Day 8-10

Dear Reader(s);

Sorry to be out of touch for a few days. I have been acclimating to college life, again. :) Moving is a very involved process!

Okay, so I will recap the highlights of the last three days:

- I am over the detox period, I believe. This took about 1 week to get over! I am not experiencing those sudden, heavy energy crashes in the middle of the day. I get a little tired and may need a rest around 2pm, but that's because I wake up at about 6:30am and I do a full battery of activities in the morning.

- Sleep has not been so great. May be because I am adjusting to roommates who have a different sleep schedule. Earlier, I thought the E3 Live was the remedy to shallow sleep but this still needs to be proven (not enough evidence yet).

- Energy levels are MARKEDLY higher now. I am more sharp and clear in my daily activities. I feel more active too. Sometimes I stop and notice and think "hey, I'm doing an activity here that I usually would have THOUGHT about doing." What, I mean is that I find myself DOING more things, instead of thinking about doing them. Make sense??

-I am taking E3 Live 3 times a day. I take 1 full tablespoon and mix it with COLD spring water. This is a good amount for me. I am almost done with my bottle. By the bottle's end, it will have taken me 2 weeks to finish it. Pretty fast consumption rate. I thought it was gonna last a month. :/ :)

Now that school is starting, I am going to purchase the Brain-On formula - FROZEN LIQUID. So this is a good blog for people interested in BRAIN-ON's effect to follow. :)

- My body feels more alkaline. My muscles seems pretty relaxed --very low levels of lactic acid build-up. This is good. :)

Okay, my friends, that is all for today. I will report again soon!



Thursday, September 3, 2009

E3Live Testimonial - Day 7

Hello Reader(s);

Okay, so yesterday was pretty good!

The morning was jam packed with audition and placement exam at Berklee but I was not daunted by any of these things. Had good bodily energy and good focus. I was in control of my faculties.

I did have a major energy dip at around 3pm and felt rather incapacitated for 1.5 hours. It was tough man!! Really want this to pass. But then again, maybe the body just needs to rest mid day???

A funny thing is happening with my diet. I turned vegetarian (except eggs) 4 months ago (I was trying to go raw) purely for health and spiritual reasons. But I have been sticking to a primarily raw protocol. But since taking E3Live, I have been experiencing messages from my body to eat more protein. I have started to eat hummus and raw fish to answer these messages. I haven't eaten meat for 4 months but eating the raw fish (small quanitites -2 pieces) didn't seem to pose any sort of digestive problem. That was a relief. At least it's still raw. :)

I am a type O bloodtype, so I'm supposed to eat meat. I don't eat meat because I feel I am more easily controlled by others when I do. This sounds weird but honestly - the extra hormones in the meat, for some reason, throws me off tremendously and I become less myself. Interesting, right?

Anyways, back to the E3Live. After my energy dip, life continued and I was feeling very active and "on-point". Went to two intro classes and I practiced singing for almost 2 hours straight and I was as bright as a button.

When it was time for bed, I fell right asleep and slept the whole night through for about 6.5 hours. It was the deepest sleep I have had in 5 years!!!! No other supplements just the E3Live!!! And when I awoke I wasn't tired. I thought maybe I should get some more hours but my body told me that I didn't have to. :)

So that's the update for today.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

E3Live Testimonial - Day 4,5,6

Hello reader(s);

I haven't been able to blog for the last few days because I just moved to Boston to go to school at Berklee College of Music!!

Well in short, these are the benefits and effects that I have experienced from the E3 Live over the past few days:

-I have more confidence and speed in my computation of solutions for everyday problems. I feel more assertive as a result. Kind of cool. 8)

- My cramps for my period- on the heaviest day- we tremendously reduced. Usually I experience them at about a 7 on a 1-10 scale (10 being highest). This time, with the E3 Live, I am having cramps at a level of 3.5. Not bad!!! I experienced such a dramatic reduction of cramps once before when I was taking a lot of Spirulina and Chlorella together. But this time I was only taking E3 Live.

- My sleep has been consistently good everyday since I started taking. I got some incredibly deep sleep which was really needed. However last night, I didn't sleep well because I slept in my new apartment which was really dusty because of all the moving that was done. I am not going to count last night in my record.

-I am still experiencing dips in energy in the middle of the day and other parts of the day. They are still pretty nasty dips too. Yikes! I am really looking forward to this passing!!

Okay, that is all I can report for now as I have to run off to a presentation on computer music software!!