Monday, September 7, 2009

E3Live Testimonial - Day 8-10

Dear Reader(s);

Sorry to be out of touch for a few days. I have been acclimating to college life, again. :) Moving is a very involved process!

Okay, so I will recap the highlights of the last three days:

- I am over the detox period, I believe. This took about 1 week to get over! I am not experiencing those sudden, heavy energy crashes in the middle of the day. I get a little tired and may need a rest around 2pm, but that's because I wake up at about 6:30am and I do a full battery of activities in the morning.

- Sleep has not been so great. May be because I am adjusting to roommates who have a different sleep schedule. Earlier, I thought the E3 Live was the remedy to shallow sleep but this still needs to be proven (not enough evidence yet).

- Energy levels are MARKEDLY higher now. I am more sharp and clear in my daily activities. I feel more active too. Sometimes I stop and notice and think "hey, I'm doing an activity here that I usually would have THOUGHT about doing." What, I mean is that I find myself DOING more things, instead of thinking about doing them. Make sense??

-I am taking E3 Live 3 times a day. I take 1 full tablespoon and mix it with COLD spring water. This is a good amount for me. I am almost done with my bottle. By the bottle's end, it will have taken me 2 weeks to finish it. Pretty fast consumption rate. I thought it was gonna last a month. :/ :)

Now that school is starting, I am going to purchase the Brain-On formula - FROZEN LIQUID. So this is a good blog for people interested in BRAIN-ON's effect to follow. :)

- My body feels more alkaline. My muscles seems pretty relaxed --very low levels of lactic acid build-up. This is good. :)

Okay, my friends, that is all for today. I will report again soon!



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